Investment, err umm, Gambling Gremlin here!  Even though I know this is not real gambling.  This just an overview into how I play the game.  I am a dividend growth investor.  I like to own parts of companies where I receive more than just standard gains.  Dividends, they pay me because I own part of them.  Below are some links and prior pages.

Dividends: Right now I will be adding this little section right here to highlight my current dividends for the past few years.  The numbers at the beginning are very small.  I contribute this to lack of capital and general sense of direction.  Still my outlook has changed since I've started, and that will be shown over time.

Totals (combined Roth and Taxable):
2011 - $61.57
2012 - $123.01
2013 - $298.34
2014 - $793.95
2015 - $878.54 (as of August 28th)
2016 - $1416.88
2017 - $2481.54
2018 - $1656.35 (so far)

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial professional.  All statements on this blog are my opinions only, and are not meant to be viewed as professional advice.

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