Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Review / December Preview 2014

Sit back, take a seat, and relax because November was one hell of a month.  Hello, Gremlin review here to talk about last month.

First, I got married and went out of the country.  That is pretty big.  Second, I put a bunch of money into the market due to the end of the credit card usage at Loyal3.  Finally, with the exception of my fantasy hockey team all of my fantasy football teams have been eating it, but one should make the playoffs.  My real football team is doing good, and my hockey team in real life has started to win.  It was also a good international soccer month, but I digress.

I initiated three new positions on Loyal3 - Disney (DIS), Pepsico (PEP), and VF Corp (VFC).  Of those positions, DIS and VFC at growth stocks with lower yields.  PEP is a great balanced company and will very well over the next few years.  PEP is one of those companies that people talk about breaking up all the time, if that's the case then how come no one talks about DIS.  Talk about a truly diversified company - they have theme parks, movies, television (ESPN anyone?), and all of the products that go with those things.  Want your kids to like Star Wars?  Take them to the movies and buy them a plush Wookie.  So that talk will ever bother me.

I also pumped up my positions in AAPL, DPS, K, KO, MCD, MSFT, TGT, and UL.  Of those, I will not be adding any more to AAPL or TGT for a while.  Those balances are where they need to be, and their stock prices are high for the moment.  Over the next few months KO, MSFT, and UL are my targets for growth, especially UL because it is favorably priced as of now.  It is my hope that I can make each position worth at least $1,000, and move the Loyal3 account over to my Sharebuilder account by end of next year.  That is the goal.

In total over $700 was invested on Loyal3.  I did not follow my original plan, because of the monkey wrench that Loyal3 added.  Dividend wise, between Roth and taxable accounts a total of $61.99 was received.  Not bad considering second months are currently my off months for dividends.  I am projecting approximately $911 for forward year dividends, which I want to get up to $1,000 in total.

That is all for reviewing November, now investment gremlin will discuss December's expectations.

Next month there will be no new positions initiated, rather I will be building existing ones, specifically the ones listed above - KO, MSFT, and UL. I have a few credit card monthly buys on Loyal3 to go through as well, a last gasp.

Next month is also Christmas, which means presents.  I have a lot of nieces and nephews, so my investing will be slower as I work to accommodate and awesome holiday season for one and all.

Overall next month will be the start of big changes heading into 2015.  My wife and I are merging our finances, and part of that will where we put our money.  I expect to have a little more change set aside for investing, and we will see how goes.

As for now thanks for reading!

Long - all stocks mentioned.  The portfolio page is updated in accordance with last month.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Gremlin

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