Thursday, January 23, 2020

January 2020 Buys

Post Holiday Gremlin here to give you my January 2020 buy updates. Time flies when you have kids and not much else to do.  I have been slacking on my working out due to life's requirements, but things are looking up.  My work place just opened up a new gym, free for all who work in my building.  Time to start crushing some iron / running some miles again.  Now back to the financial Independence.  This was a lighter month, and the next few will be too.  We have a bit of a home repair issue plus only my income is still our only one in the house.  This time though is special with the little kids, so its not worth griping over - even though those kids are a lot of work!

No purchase or account fees were paid this month. I added shares of the following companies by account (* indicates a new position, which will be discussed below):

B** - 3.12 shares bought for $210.84 (employee discount), $3.37 income added
EVR - 2 shares @ $75 / share ($150 total), $4.68 income added
KR - 4 shares @ $28.63 / share ($114.53 total), $2.56 income added
NNN - 2 shares @ $53.46 / share ($106.91 total), $4.12
Total Invested = $582.28
Annual Income Added (AIA) = $14.73

None purchased.

Standard IRA:
None purchased.

Invested = $938.06
AIA = $14.73

*New Positions:
NNN - National Retail Properties.  This is my second REIT in my taxable account.  NNN will be a support type position for my primary REIT, O (Realty Income).  I like the mix of properties and growth.  The valuation is ok, but its just a starter position for now.

I will update my portfolio page at the end of the month.

What do you think of these companies?

- Gremlin
- Long all tickers mentioned

Monday, January 6, 2020

IRA to Roth IRA Conversion Part 2

Retirement Gremlin here to talk about the long term process I am undertaking to slowly convert my IRA holdings to Roth.  This is the second 'backdoor' account conversion I have initiated.  My first conversion and the underlying strategy can be found here.

Strategy: to avoid unnecessary taxable events, I will move around 1 to 2 "positions" a year.  At this rate I will be able to move the whole IRA to my Roth by the time I am 59. This is of course to maximize growth and minimize taxes.

Process: Since my accounts are all at the same brokerage, I can for no fee transfer single positions after a few mouse clicks.

Part 2:

For my second conversion I moved my entire position in CVS (25 shares - $1876 value) and part of my position in MMM (5 shares - $882.10 value). With this conversion, I am effectively moving $78.80 in forward dividends from my SEP IRA to my ROTH accounts.

Part 3 will happen next calendar year.

All changes will be reflected in my portfolio at the end of the month.

- Gremlin
- Long CVS and MMM