Gremlin? (About Me)

Science Gremlin here. No I am not a Gremlin.  I am sure some of you find that sad, but too bad.  At one time it was a nickname for me, albeit for only a brief time.  Still it was a name that always sounded goofy and in a way has always jived with me.

That being said, you should know a little about me before you read off this log.  First, I live in the Washington, DC area.  I am married and I work in a technical field; doing environmental science related things, but also some construction activities.  In my spare time I play sports, games, and do lots of things to keep active.  I have an especially strong love of hockey, soccer, football, and some smaller niche sports.

Second, I love investing.  This is a major part of my log is the Dividend Gremlin.  There is something to be said about owning a company and getting paid for it.  In the long run it is a retirement goal, in the short term its a bridge to financial and personal security.  It plays a little like a game; one with a whole lot of strategy.  If you stick with it, and set smart goals you can achieve whatever you want or need.

Third, I do not want to be working for someone else forever.  I have tons of things I want to do, but like most people I am at a point where I cannot just jump between things without some serious issues.  My goal is to increase my stability so perhaps I can move into something and not worry about it one day (in addition to helping support my family of course).

My overarching goal is to have enough passive income from investments to allow me to pursue other ventures in life outside of work.  These may include personal things; for example I want to coach youth soccer and have time to spend with my kids (if / when I have them).  It also extends to work choices; I would rather have the freedom to work (which I do on the side) at some place like a microbrewery.  The money I would earn would be gravy on top of my dividend potatoes.  In addition to both of those, I want to travel and see what parts of the world I can.

I could ramble on a while about each of these things, but I would prefer to let things just play out on here!

Also if you want to see all the dumb comments I make about dividend raises head here: Seeking Alpha Profile.

- Gremlin

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial professional.  All statements on this blog are my opinions only, and are not meant to be viewed as professional advice.

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