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Teachable Gremlin here to discuss this new page and segment.  Specifically it will be dedicated to saving money, but it will be focused on specific topics related to that - potentially in a very roundabout way.  Some of these ways might be 'generating' income, but it will be in such a minor humorous way that saving is a better description.  This section will also include a glimpse into how ridiculous things can get when it comes to saving - and I do mean how ridiculous I can get.

The old maxim is a penny saved is a penny earned.  Well that is mostly true, really a penny saved is one that is not taxed and can generate extra income (which will be taxed, but you still come out ahead).  Saving extra cash allows me to push for financial independence faster.  It allows more of my disposable income (that term really sucks, my labor time is not throwaway time unless I deem it so!) to be available to invest in quality companies who work on my behalf.

As a person who does not much worry about or care for expensive things, saving money has always been a natural thing.  It has not been a big deal kick up some of these good habits a notch to the point where they really start to work well with my investing side.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified financial professional.  All statements on this blog are my opinions only, and are not meant to be viewed as professional advice.

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