Friday, September 25, 2015

Loyal3 Buys, September 2015

Stacked Deck Gremlin here to talk about how I've been stacking my portfolio.  I decided last month that my Loyal3 buys need to see their own posts, so this is the first of them.  I plan to not do any description of the companies purchased, because frankly that would just take too damn long.  So below you will see purchases made this month and any necessary commentary.  Mind you these happened over the course of the month and the capital invested includes dividends received and put back to work.

$ Invested
Shares Purchased
Annual Income Added
Coca Cola


A total of $429 was put to work, adding $13.00 (it pleases me that these accidental round numbers happened) of annual income to my forward outlook.  All of the money found its home in the sector Consumer Staples, which is one of my Tier 1 Sectors.  A lot of my Loyal3 stocks are Consumer Staples or Discretionary, which is fine because it allows me not to concentrate on those in my Capital One Account.  I've found all of these valuations among others to be good or better and I will likely continue investing in a few of these plus some others next month.  The investment size was also driven up by some work travel.

Going forward I see this independent snowball growing rapidly.  Last year Loyal3 generated $73.88 in dividends for me, already this year has netted me $116.40.  That is a 57.5% increase, and the year still has one quarter left.  In addition, my Loyal3 portfolio accounts for approximately 45% of my taxable holdings, so I've really been pushing it up.  Still the long term goal remains to merge it with my main account when the time is ripe.

I'm loving the odd flexibility of Loyal3, where I feel I can find some attractive valuations and slash away at them without a minimum entrance point (I use $1000 as that minimum).  Also when things are overvalued, I can play using smaller amounts and play it slow.  This allows me to get money in the game when the market is up, but not too much so I can maintain cash in case a sale happens.  As I've stated before, timing the market is typically not a great idea, but it does not mean I will not take advantage of a solid opportunity.

Do you use Loyal3?

- Gremlin
- Long all stocks mentioned.
- Portfolio values and shares will be updated at the end of the month.


  1. I don't have a loyal3 account yet but I think I will open one soon. With no fees and the ability to invest small amounts, seems like a no brainier. The one concern for me is just managing yet another account. Arghh.

    Nice buy on PEP! I just posted an article about stocks I don't see people buying and PepsiCo is one. I think it's a great play! Congrats!

    1. Adam,

      I agree, PEP is an awesome stock and I am excited to continue building out the position.

      Loyal3 is one of my 3 accounts, mind you 2 are with Capital One (Roth and Taxable). It is a nice easy way to build out a few choice positions over time or as a supplement to a regular account. My goal is to eventually merge it in with my other holdings, creating one juggernaut.

      - Gremlin

  2. Hi Dividend,

    Some nice additions there. I don't use loyal3 since I'm Belgian. But I would love to have acces to such a system here.


    1. Geblin,

      Loyal3 and Robinhood both provide a nice niche service that helps a ton in building positions. It stinks that they are not available everywhere, but I am sure given a long enough timeline something will pop up. I am sure once they become approved for use in Canada they will begin to jump across the ocean.

      Thanks for the comment!
      - Gremlin

  3. Top rate consumer staples that's for sure. Great buys all around. I would like to add to my UL too and other names you bought but am tempted too much by the beaten industrial stocks for now. Thank you for sharing.

    1. DH,
      I agree. As much as Industrials are getting burned I don't have the $ to concentrate effectively into one, so I am shotgunning the also beat down consumer staples sector. It is not as beat down yet, but it is riding down with the rest of the tide.
      - Gremlin