Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Updating the Books and Links Page

Internet Gremlin here to say I am adding a few new things to that page.  Specifically, a Podcast section.  Because I have been traveling a lot I've had time to get in a lot of listening, so I am adding a list of things I have really liked.  Naturally this list is, like all other lists, incomplete as I will never find everything I enjoy.  Still, for now check out some of the ones I have linked to on the page.  The topics so far include History, Comedy, and Crime (from a mystery standpoint).  If you feel there are some good ones out there, one way or another feel free to let me know.

- Gremlin


  1. I had a haunch you were talking about the popular NPR series when you mentioned "Crime."
    It's that damn Serial podcast! It's so hot right now!

    1. Liquid,

      Nice Zoolander reference, and it is hot right now! I listened to it around New Year's (2014 into 2015), and it was awesome.

      Thanks for the comment,