Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Loyal3 Buys, Oct. 2016

Fall Gremlin here to talk about how I've been improving my portfolio via Loyal3.  Things have been coming along pretty well for the past few months, and I added a few shares to in Loyal3 as noted on my monthly updates.  Finally, I got my position in YUM up to a point I am satisfied with.  YUM is about to spin off YUM China (YUMC) at the beginning of November so it is easy to understand why I pursued YUM.  Once the deal is completed I will own shares in both, but YUMC will clearly be its own animal.  Part of me would still like to have seen YUM carry on as is.  There is a strength in companies like Johnson and Johnson (JNJ),  where width of their brands and innovation complements their depth.  Hopefully, after the spin off the two YUMs both do their thing and do it will.

I bought 3.2654 shares of YUM for $290.  This will add $6.66 to my forward annual income, considering the recent dividend raise.  More importantly, my total number of YUM shares now stands at just above 12, and I am happy with the size of the position currently ~ enough to start buying other things.

YUM has been the focus of this account for much of the past few months.  With other finances back in order and a slightly larger free hand, I will be able to tackle other Loyal3 stocks moving forward.  It is still my plan to fill up positions to a specific point, then merge them with my regular account.  This will create a lot more buying power concentrated in one place, which is the ultimate goal. 

Either way, have a great rest of October and enjoy the start to fall!
- Gremlin
- Long YUM and JNJ


  1. Nice pick up. Been a while since I added to my YUM but I do like the stock as I own it in my taxable, ROTH and even baby DivHut's account. Look forward to seeing what kind of value is unlocked after that spin off.

    1. DH,

      Great to hear from you. I like YUM' success a lot, and am interested in seeing that YUMC does. In the short run I see nothing but a boon for us, but longer term is a ??. I don't know if it will be the best move for them, but I do know that with a little vigilance we can benefit.

      - Gremlin

  2. Good buy with YUM. As you mention, buying right before the spin-off will get you shares in both companies and this can be very value accretive long-term. Just look at Ebay and pay-pal!