Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Review / February Preview, 2017

Snowboarding Climbing Gremlin here to talk about this past month and the future.  My ankle is still not 100%, but I am getting back to doing things, including getting in a round of snowboarding this past month.  Though January is never normal, doing stuff like that gets me closer back to normal.  January in my family has a huge rash of birthdays, plus there are holidays and crazy events like inaugurations that we have to deal with in my town.  Other than those January is also a surprisingly slow month.  It is slower at work, in dividends, and everything else.  Regardless, let see how things went.


I bought only 2 shares in VFC this month, spending a little more than $100 in my Loyal3 account.  I am gearing up for a strong rest of the year for saving and investing, so I am not concerned with a slow start.

Last month I brought in a total of $67.05 in dividends ($67.05 taxable, $0 Roth, and $0 IRA).  This is an decrease from last year ($75.76 total) by 11.5%.  This decrease is due to Kraft Heinz (KHC) paying out its dividend a month early, so nothing to worry about there.

In terms of dividend increases, I realized three this month from Realty Income (O), General Electric (GE), and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM).  Raises were between less than 1% and 4.5%. 

Next month I will realize six raises, from O, Abbott Labs (ABT), AT&T (T), Omega Health Care (OHI), and Welltower, Inc. (HCN).  The increases range from less than 1.1% to just under 4% . Thus far for 2017, I have realized 3 dividend increases!  These following increases are small, but several are from companies that deliver consistent increases.


Our only remaining debt is extremely low interest auto loans.  Looking ahead, I will be to saving a solid amount of cash.  This is related to the fact that my wife and I will look to get a house sometime in the next (few) year(s).  I want to go in with a decent down payment to make sure we get what we want.

I hope to post more than one time next month...

Next month should produce around $207 in dividends, which is a 207% YOY increase, most of which is attributable to my new IRA.  So far I already out earned my annual total in 2011, things are starting to click.

My portfolio page is currently up to date.

Hope everyone has a great February!
- Dividend Gremlin
- Long all stock tickers mentioned


  1. Keep off that ankle as long as possible. Knees, elbows, wrists, ankles are the trickiest to heal. It takes a lot of time for a full recovery. Don't push it. Like me, and many others out there VFC has been on our buying list. Still looks attractive today. Nice sum for Jan. even without the KHC payment. I'm in the same boat as I'm sure many with KHC foiling our Jan. totals. Keep up the good work!

    1. Keith,

      I know, I injured it back in September, its only now getting back to 90+%. Those joints take forever.

      VFC is getting more attractive by the day. KHC paying early will be nothing but a blip.

      Thanks for the email,

  2. $67 is pretty solid man - keep it up!

    Gotta stay off that ankle so it heals perfectly!

    1. Time,

      Its a slow start, but this is a great year to unlock some solid potential.

      - Gremlin