Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Loyal3 Buys, March 2017

Post Saint Patrick's Gremlin here to discuss some recent buys.  Hope everyone celebrated the recent frivolities with exceptional vigor.  I did not, I had some Guinness and played some bored games, because that is how I roll.  Its kind of nice to be away from crowded bars overcharging for the same thing; though it must be admitted the draught / draft Guinness is almost always better.  That being said, I prefer Murphy's over the Guinness and Rum to whisk(e)y any day of the week...  Whatever, what did I buy?

I bought 2 shares of YUM for $125.  This will add $2.40 to my forward annual income, considering the division of YUM China (YUMC).  YUM will be a pleasant long term holding, however they will sputter short term due to the split with YUMC.  This is part of building the position back, post split, so it can become a proper sized cog in my machine.

I bought 1+ shares of Doctor Pepper Snapple (DPS) for $100.  This will add $2.32 to my forward annual income.  DPS is another position I want to fill out as soon as possible.  I am hoping to fill out several positions this year, as I push to merge it with my standard brokerage.

I bought 1+ shares of Target (TGT) for $55.  This will add $2.40 to my forward annual income.  TGT has been sorely beaten down of late, and this is me increasing my position.  TGT will acquire other style sites as Walmart (WMT) has.  Sure, in 20 years I might sell out of both for reasons other long term retailers have failed, but for the time being they are in a position of strength with their resources on hand.

With these purchases I have invested a total of $280 and increased my annual income by $7.12+.  I expect to keep rolling through months at this clip in Loyal3.  In my regular brokerage account, several larger buys are on the menu for next few months.  Looking forward to those.

Do you use Loyal3?
- Gremlin
- Long YUM, YUMC, DPS, TGT, and WMT


  1. Always love reading about buys. I have to say that for the most part our investing peers have been buying in earnest despite the market climbing higher and higher. I know many have sold some or all of their positions in anticipation of a crash. Keep the buying going. Like the YUM pick up. Can't wait for a YUMC dividend announcement. I don't use Loyal3 but if I was starting today with little cash it would be my go to. In fact, my sister in law just came up to me a few months back wanting to get in on DGI. She has little money to invest each month so I set her up on L3. I think it's a great platform for anyone to start building a DGI portfolio. Just wish they had some more stocks to choose from. But for starting out, there are enough very solid dividend payers to choose from.

    1. Keith,

      I agree, it is important to keep putting money to work. Loyal3 has been nice to start a few positions and establish low cost entry points. Eventually I plan to merge the positions with my standard brokerage, which I am about to make another buy with as well.

      Thanks for the comment,

  2. First I have heard of Loyal3. I was wondering how you were able to buy single shares and not spend a fortune on fees. I can't find any info if you can use this in Canada but it seems like a great tool for those starting out.

    Nice work Gremlin

    1. DC,

      It is nice to use to develop smaller positions. I use it and a regular brokerage, I will be combining the two eventually. As far as I know it is not available for use in Canada, sadly. Thanks for the comment!

      - Gremlin