Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Review / August Preview, 2017

Let Me Dress for the Weather Gremlin here to talk about July and August.  It has not been the hottest July on record, which is very nice.  I took two trips out of the area.  One for a mini family reunion over a weekend, and another to Las Vegas to work.  I am ever the cautious investor, I did not even step foot into a casino.  Sure gambling can be fun, but its not fun to do it by yourself (as I said business trip), nor is it fun to lose money in such vast quantities as the average person does in Vegas.  Also no interest in their shows, especially since the town I live in is already part circus.

On serious note, my wife and I closed on a house.  We will be moving in shortly, and as everyone knows - moving sucks (ask all of my friends who owe me for helping them move, its their turn).  I digress, the fact is our 'rent' is now going to be headed towards equity, which is a nice change.  My wife's commute should stay the same.  I will be on a new train line, though farther out - it is more direct. Overall buying a house is smart in the long term, however it is stressful.  For some reason it is less stress inducing than buying a car, until you see that final number on your mortgage...


This month I added one new position to my Roth account, J.M. Smucker's (SJM).

Last month I brought in a total of $73.19 in dividends ($72.19 taxable, $0.00 Roth, and $0.00 IRA).  This is an decrease from last year ($84.98 total) by 14%. The decrease is mainly related to KHC switching their payout month.

In terms of dividend increases, I realized one from this month from Realty Income (O).  The raise was around 0.2%.  Thus far for 2017, I have realized 30 dividend increases!

Next month I will realize two raises from Discover Financial (DFS) and Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI).  The increases are 16.8% and 1.5%, respectively.


Within the last week my wife and I bought a house.  I have stated it earlier that this would happen, and sometimes things move faster than plans, so here we are.  Our debts for the first time, since practically ever, outstrip our assets.  However, I am not selling stocks to pay for it all.  Rather it is time to double down - blast debt and buy assets. 

I have cash on hand to add a new position, but I might not depending on how moving goes.

Next month should produce around $250 in dividends, which is a 160% YOY increase.

My portfolio page is currently up to date.

Hope everyone has a great August!
- Dividend Gremlin
- Long all stock tickers mentioned


  1. Congrats on closing on the house. I like your buys, I also own OHI and O, two of my favorites. DFS has been on the radar but want a higher yield, will wait for a dip.

    1. Mr. ATM,

      Thank you for the comment. O and OHI have been wrecking balls. I got in on DFS when last year, and it has been a gem, with a 16% raise recently. Closing on a house is a big step, right move in the long run, but definite heartburn short term...

      - Gremlin

  2. Good luck with the new house. I have been noticing that more and more of our fellow DGI peers are getting into the real estate market whether it's for a primary home or going the rental route. Needless to say, real estate has become quite popular again. I know the move will suck but try and make the best of it. After all, it's not like you move every month or every year. Nice SJM pick up. Another quality staple in your portfolio can only help. Now that you have a mortgage don't neglect your DGI dreams.

    1. DHut,

      Thanks for the comment and well wishes. The new house is a primary home - we kind of accelerated our purchasing time frame due to a new addition that should be gracing us with its presence soon. The move was easy, the unpacking is what sucks.

      SJM has already made me happy with a 4% raise (though I'd like more, I am not picky about raises). I agree with you, the mortgage will not be allowed to interfere with my DGI / FI dreams. It may in fact be a boon in the years to come.

      - Gremlin