Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Game Change of Fee Free Investing

Aggressive Gremlin here to talk about how fee free investing in a regular brokerage is a complete game changer - an outright epiphany if you will. Previously, I would stockpile cash to ensure that my expense ratio was super low.  That means investing $1000+ each time.  With fee free investing that concern is gone, and now the lightning round / golden age of investing is here. It is like the old Loyal3 or Robinhood set up, only faster.  So what does this mean?

Rapid Deployment: I will no longer let cash pile up, it will be deployed as quickly as possible to attractively valued stocks.  This might seem chaotic to some, but I like chaos.  It will further allow me to grow my annual projected income rapidly and regularly.  Additionally, after my second child comes along I will not have a ton of excess cash flow for about 8 months, so my dividends will be doing a lot of the lifting.

Instant Diversification: I will aim to add new positions, provided they are worth adding, all over the place.  If $500 is invested in a month, it will not be an all eggs in one basket.  Certainly some people will chime in with the 'diworseification' comment, but unless they're Copernicus or got a working crystal ball...

Rounding Up: I will be looking to round up stock positions by a few shares here or there, pending good value.  Nothing special here, I just prefer round numbers.

Once Monthly Posting: No longer will posts for recent buys occur, now it will be a monthly purchase update across all accounts. 

All changes will be reflected in my portfolio at the end of the month.

How will you use fee free investing to your advantage - beyond the obvious?
- Welcome to the brave new investing world.
- Gremlin

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