Thursday, March 26, 2020

March 2020 Buys

Work From Home Gremlin here to talk about my buys for this past month.  It has now been almost two weeks since I have done anything outside my house besides go for some runs and some walks (so all that is missing for me is mainly work and 1 weekly social activity).  My wife, son, and I are not in high risk groups for COVID-19, but my daughter has a heart condition.  Due to that we are being extra cautious, even though I suspect this condition will likely not affect her.  That said her surgeons and doctors are all 40+ years old, so anything we can do to end this sooner is better for her regardless.  Honestly, this virus in someways is a "welcome to our world" sort of scenario for everyone else.  Once your knuckles start to bleed from hand washing and look like you were in a bare-knuckle boxing match - you'll start to get it.

So apart from the general lock down situations, the market has been awesomely irrational.  Some companies have eliminated or frozen dividends and buybacks due to the need to preserve capital.  The ending of buybacks should strike people as particularly interesting given that those were getting ramped up when share prices were super high... if there is anytime (in general) for buybacks it is right now with all the cheap stock flying around.  Additionally, the market and underlying index funds are massively in flux, which means good opportunities for the long haulers like me (and you if you've read this far).  Anyways, enough talk, what did I buy?

No purchase or account fees were paid this month (* indicates a new position, which will be discussed below):

BMO - 2 shares @ $42.15 / share ($84.29 total), $5.4 income added [approx. $CAD]
CM - 1 share @ $53.93 / share ($53.93 total), $3.71 income added [approx. $CAD]
CSCO* - 5 shares @ $36.97 / share ($184.83 total), $7.2 income added
EV - 2 shares @ $28.76 / share ($57.52 total), $3 income added
MDT* - 2 shares @ $75.95 / share ($151.90 total), $4.32 income added
NNN - 2 shares @ $34.47 / share ($68.95 total), $4.12 income added
SBUX - 1 share @ $55.86 / share ($55.86 total), $1.68 income added
Total Invested = $631.57
Annual Income Added (AIA) = $36.63

CSCO* - 3 shares @ $36.84 / share ($110.53 total) $4.32 income added
Total Invested = $97.23
AIA = $4.32

Standard IRA:
FLIC- 9 shares @ $19.47 / share ($175.23 total), $6.48 income added
Total Invested = $175.23
AIA = $6.48

Invested = $904.03
AIA = $47.43

*New Positions:
CSCO - Cisco Systems is one of the more stable tech stocks out there, and their offerings rang from hardware to software such as Webex.  This shutdown is showing that some arms of industry can continue to function, in large part thanks to companies like CSCO.  Right now they are showing their value and that they are a definite part of the future.  Plus they're cheap right now.

MDT - I have wanted to own Medtronic now for at least 5 years.  This is a stock that is never cheap and always producing.  I have always like companies with at least some exposure to the medical device industry, and of all the times this seems to be an appropriate one to acquire shares in a company like MDT.  My only regret was I was not able to grab more shares.

I will update my portfolio page at the end of the month.

What do you think of these companies?

- Gremlin
- Long all tickers mentioned


  1. Quite a group of stocks that you bought,CSCO,SBUX and NNN are ones i share with you

    1. Desi,

      Thanks for the comment! That is a nice group, one that should reward us for a long time.

      - Gremlin