Thursday, June 5, 2014

How do you invest?

Investment Gremlin here.  Looking at my photo you are probably thinking three things.  First, sweet hair, and I thank you.  Second, that is my Sunday best, so there's that. Lastly, are you much of gambler in your investing, I mean I see those cards there and wonder if you're a shark?  To answer that I am a dividend growth investor and a value investor.  I am mediocre at cards, despite what I tell my friends.

In another life I am sure I was a tremendous gambler.  However, in this one I am not.  My investing side is interested in making concrete gains, owning parts companies, and most importantly getting paid by those companies I own.  All of my holdings are long, and I will be posting a portfolio as well at some point, however I have not put that together yet.

Why do I invest this way?  Well because one day I want to realize my dreams, which are not necessarily working the job I do during the day and sitting in traffic on the way home.  Yes, there are stories out there telling of the riches some person made off a lucky investment.  For every story like that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who just get nowhere.  I took a lot of my influence from some of the other blogs out there, and the exceptional people who write them. 

In addition, I will not dive any more into my strategy than saying what was said before: value / dividend growth investor.  Many others have better wording for what I do, and have had more experience in doing it.  I do have luck of working in a technical field, which should help my understanding of various industries, but it does not get me a foot into the door of every industry out there.  My goal here is simple; help myself track my investments and acquire some feedback.