Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Incremental Increases!

Investment Gremlin here.  If life were about gambling or sports, my typical move would be to go all in all the time.  Alas, while that may be entertaining it is certainly not prudent.

One great way I have recently been building my wealth up is via Loyal 3.  I was introduced to this website thanks to DGI's blog, which is one of a few investing blogs I read with regularity.  He gives a much more thorough analysis of the site, but here is the quick and dirty rundown.

Pros: you can invest using a credit card or cash with no fees, hence you can start positions with as little as $10. The credit card usage is one of my favorite parts, because it allows Travel Gremlin =>        to accumulate points, which turn into miles.  

Cons: only select companies are available, you cannot control when purchases are made (usually two business days once an order is placed), and you can only transfer partial accounts.

My goal is to use this website as a parallel to my standard brokerage.  The idea being to build up numerous solid positions and transfer the whole thing over to my regular account.  Of course if fees or other issues are introduced by Loyal 3 that process will be sped up.

Now when you look at the stocks listed on Loyal 3 you will see a bunch that are nice and cute, but pay no dividends.  They are off the list.  Now looking at quality companies with dividends you see around 10 to 15, pending how you view the companies, as good places to start.  Of those, there are probably only 7 or 8 that are a good place to start right now.  Side note, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is listed and pays a small dividend.  No I am NOT investing in them, I just found it funny that of all things WWE is a publicly traded company.