Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheap Living

Neighborhood Gremlin here.  So recently, my fiancee has been all about space, specifically getting more of it.  Which if you were to venture into our house you would understand why.  In addition our upstairs neighbors sound like a herd of dinosaurs.  All told there are probably 15 good reasons to leave, but there are also as many to stay.

Our rent for our area is super low, and its a fun area.  With great access to transportation of several varieties.  We pay 1 utility, and parking is as close to free as you can get.  Our horizontal space is not bad, in fact its bigger than most apartments or units that are currently available.  We do not have to pay for a washer or drier.  I could go on and on; the point is we are getting a lot of bang for our buck.

Now long term, I would love to live in my own house, however that will not be possible for a few years.  That wait will definitely be worth it, but in the meantime I would rather bank more and acquire a great scale of financial independence.

Still the real balancing act is to do that and still keep her happy.  Which is why I am still looking, but allowing myself to be really picky.  We want a dog, a house, and the whole nine yards.  Right now we need to focus on just the 1st yard or two.  Such is life, at some moments there is no clean way to resolve an issue.

Also good job Germany.  Terrible job Spain.  Otherwise great WC, and now there is nothing of interest to me in the sports world until the NFL and NHL get going.  That way I can really piss my neighbors off with some yelling at the TV, perhaps they will get the hint one day...