Wednesday, July 2, 2014

World Cup Update

Sport / Travel / Streaker Gremlin here.  I would like to point out, with the exception of the dude who walked onto the pitch for the USA - Belgium game there have been no people running onto the field.  Normally this is a good thing, but since I hear Brazil (Brasil) has the most beautiful women in the world it shocks me that none of them have shown up to show off... themselves.

That being said, the entertainment value has been awesome.  So far of my final 4 I still have 3 remaining, with Spain getting smoked early.  Germany now faces France in what will hopefully be WWIII.  Third time is the charm, for whom?  I also hope Colombia gets through Brazil for a variety of reasons, but mostly because that team plays damn good and that country deserves good.

On the other side of the bracket I would like to see Belgium square off against the Netherlands, sorry Costa Rica (not sorry Argentina).  It would be a battle of the low countries, one which is very stable and one which almost melted into France and the Netherlands.  A story of good beer, waffles, and chocolate vs good cheese, red light districts, and Caribbean islands.  Messi can always screw this up, but thankfully the rest of that team continually hangs on by a thread.

Side note, beers of choice so far for this tournament have been Blue Mountain K├Âlsch 151 and 21st Amendment's Monk's Blood.

- Gremlin of All Trades