Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recent Buy, Sept. 2014 and Football Talk

Investor Gremlin here to talk about my recent buy.  I added 12 shares of JNJ at $105 + commission to my Roth account.  I've been working on this buy for a while and it was nice to finally execute it so I am able to add another consistent dividend grower to my Roth account.

This purchase will be added to my Portfolio Page at the start of the month, which is when it will be updated (part of that is due to Loyal3 purchases that happen slowly).

I've also decided that in my future 'recent buy' posts I will not be diving too deep into a company's numbers.  I know most people are smart enough to know about what the big ones are worth, and if not they can look it up. 

Going forward I will likely be putting any extra free cash beyond what I take out of every paycheck and put it towards my taxable account.  This is due to the fact that it has a head start on cash on the Roth.  I might also be able to move some 401K rollover money into my Roth early next year, which will help significantly. Either way, I hope to make my next big buys early next year.  Right now my funds are limited due to my upcoming wedding.  I plan on only doing it once, so might as well do it right.   I am still buying up stuff on Loyal3, that isn't going to stop any time soon.

And now for some great news, football:
As a fan of the Eagles, it has been a great start.  Princess Gremlin/Eli over there to the left reflects how I feel about the rest of the NFC East.

3-0 has required a little bit of luck, but its that zero at the end that counts.  Meanwhile, if my fantasy teams could pick up their slack that'd really seal the deal.