Friday, November 21, 2014

Loyal3, Thanks for the Credit Card Bonus

Investment Gremlin here, to thank Loyal3 for allowing the use of credit cards for the last year.  Effective early December monthly buys with credit cards will cease to exist.  In addition, one time buys were scrapped last week.  Oh well, it was going to happen at some point and I am glad I got in on the craze before it was dropped.  In that time I invested approximately $4,500 in total capital via the site.  No fees, plus the points were well worth it.

With the deal coming to an end I decided to act.  I added a share or two in every position I have, and I started three new positions in Disney (DIS), Pepsi (PEP), and VF Corp (VFC).  My portfolio will be updated at the end of the month to reflect all these shenanigans. Below are the receipts from the website:


Grand total: $670.00

All in it is a nice early Christmas present to myself.  I almost put more money in, but I want to save for some bigger buys in my other account.  However, I also set up several monthly buys that will soak up a few more shares or round shares out next month.

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