Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Review / November Preview 2014

Travel Gremlin here, partly filling in and partly in charge for the moment.  I have been extremely busy helping plan for a wedding and working away from my office, so the travel moniker is more appropriate.

This past month I increased my positions in K, MCD, and UL.  All using the fee-free Loyal3.  I also 12 shares of JNJ to my Roth portfolio - the portfolio page is updated to reflect this.  I would have liked to put more money in the game, but currently there are DJs to be paid, hotels to be covered, and numerous other things.  I plan on only getting married once so I want to do it right.  We've all seen a few other people think that once or twice before too.  I do not think I am one of those, but either way everyone is a statistic.

Onto more fun things, dividend income for the past month was a grand total of $70.52, not the highest ever, but not the lowest.  It is the highest since I sold some high yield risky stocks earlier this year.  A near standard quarterly increase from O and another annual one from KRFT helped push me up to that point.

Looking forward I will be investing this month once again primarily via Loyal3, taking aim at DPS, KO, and PEP.  PEP is a new position for me, and one I have wanted for a while.  All 3 drink makers are worth having, and PEP provides the extra boost of a large snack component.  Soda sales might be down, but these three companies will always have their hands on other products we consume.  Might as well join in the party for the long haul.

Now the real fun stuff!  Like I said I am getting married, so I've been hella busy - including a trip to the store where I filled up my car entirely with beer and wine.  Next week is my honeymoon, to St. Kitts in the Caribbean.  For those unfamiliar with it, its a small little island with a dormant volcano and long, narrow, hilly southern peninsula.  It has tropical forests, and its sister island Nevis is considered one of the most beautiful in the region.  Together St. Kitts and Nevis make up one nation, with most people living on St. Kitts.  Overall, its should be awesome and I am super pumped.  I promise at least 2 pictures afterwards.

See you in two weeks,
Travel Gremlin

Long - All stocks mentioned.


  1. Enjoy the honeymoon and keep collecting those dividends.

  2. Thanks Keith,

    Just got back so I have some posts to fill in. And naturally I will keep that up.

    - Gremlin