Monday, April 27, 2015


Viewer Gremlin here.  In a past post I discussed putting advertisements on this site, and since then a decision has been made to do this.  The main reason is, it would be foolish not to.  Running this website is not crazy hard work, but it still takes up some time. So sorry in advance about them, but it had to be done and was only a matter of time.  I do promise I will try to put 'better' ads on here, aiming for appropriate to the audience and topics of discussion.

In other news Kellogg's (K) recently announced a small dividend increase of 2% (slow clap), and Apple (AAPL) should have news release today or soon on their plans.  I have been looking for AAPL announcements, but have yet to see any.  There have been other dividend announcements recently, including JNJ.  The full scope of increases and progress along with an outlook for next month will be released shortly, as is tradition.

For next month there will be at least one piece of not related to investing, focusing on summer beer.  You might ask yourself why I skipped over spring beer, well its because most of what comes out is not memorable or exciting.  Summer is a much better season.  I will also be including some workout stuff - for those who like to stay in shape without paying for an expensive gym.

End of month to come soon,
- Gremlin
- Long K, JNJ, and AAPL

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