Friday, May 29, 2015

May Review / June Preview, 2015

Dividend Gremlin here to discuss this past May and upcoming June.  May was a good all around month, especially with an extra paycheck - though some of it went to my 1st car payment.  There were a few setbacks including my Capitals losing to the NY Rangers.  However, that was canceled out by an exciting end to the Barclay's Premier League and the arrival of great weather.  It has been a strong social month too, with  a wedding and a beach weekend sprinkled in there.  It is nice to stay busy!

June should also be a great month. It will be easy to find fun and inexpensive activities (such as tubing/floating down rivers) in the good weather.  In addition, I will be at 2 bachelor parties - both of which will be fairly inexpensive and have budgets (though one might fall back to July).  Huzzah!  Savings and fun.  Also on a sad note I will be turning 30 in June.  I've been told to be excited and or disappointed.  I am feeling neither, because age is just a number and 28 was the best birthday anyway.


Last month I brought in a total of $66.12 in dividends ($17.19 taxable (ugh), $48.93 Roth).  This is a increase from last year ($60.97) by 8.45%.  Part of this is still due to the lingering cut from Pengrowth Energy (PGH).  As discussed earlier, PGH will hang around partly because its still worth it and as a lesson to myself.

In terms of dividend increases, I realized two this month; Kinder Morgan (KMI) and Apple (AAPL). No new dividend increase announcements were made for of my stocks, we are starting to enter the slower summer period; however a few are still on the radar for the year. 

As with prior months I continued my Loyal3 march towards FI.  I added 4 shares of Unilever (UL), making it a full Loyal3 position!!  And 3 of Coke Cola (KO).  I have been keeping at Loyal3 while building funds in my Sharebuilder taxable and Roth accounts, with the purpose of keeping costs low.  In a typical month (2 paychecks), I average putting $175 in Loyal3 and add $140 to my Sharebuilder accounts, split evenly.


My only long term debt is my car, which shall continue.  Additionally, my wife wants a dog, but we will see how that goes.  Our first prospect we were interested in turned out to not be good with kids and ate away a door frame.  So we (she) are still looking.

Next month should produce around $68 in dividends, which is a 19% year-over-year increase.  I expect to realize two raises next month, JNJ and UL.  I expect to pick up more shares of either KO, MSFT, UL, K or VFC in my Loyal3 account - value dependent.  I will also be approaching a full investment in my taxable account, which has gone for a while since it has seen that.

Hope everyone has a great May.
- Dividend Gremlin.


  1. Solid dividend Gremlin. $66.12 is money that you don't need to work for. Gotta love that!

    1. Tawcan,

      I agree and cannot wait for that number to increase! Thanks for the comment.


  2. Keep that dividend snowball rolling and growing. You can see the effects of compounding and dividend raises even without fresh capital being added. An 8% climb year over year is better than most people in terms of getting a raise from a job. Bit by bit keep adding to your accounts. Imagine making $10K a year in dividends with an 8% year over year raise. Or $20k. That's real money. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DivHut,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree, that 8% raise and continued climb will make the snowball really take off, and I cannot wait to be able to really put it to use.