Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sun's Out!

Not Yet Tanned Gremlin here to talk about some spring time activities and consumption habits.  Normally at this time of year most people are finally going outside and enjoying the weather and sunshine.  I am no different.  In this post I will be talking about my favorite summertime pastimes and beverages.

My favorite summer pastimes include hiking, swimming, ultimate frisbee, soccer, tubing (down a river), kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding.  It is impossible to pick a favorite activity from the list above, because they are all so awesome.  Each one of these also can get people to to relax, enjoy life, and sweat; personally I sweat a lot - thanks Dad...

There is nothing like enjoying the weather and then enjoying a lazy end to a good day.  Once you  feel ready to be lazy, what better way to enjoy a cool down than with a good beer?  If you answered a good wine, I would accept that as well.  Either way, below is my Summer Beer List for this year.

1 - K├Âlsch 151 by Blue Mountain (VA)
Cost is $9.99 per 6 pack, ABV = 5.0%.  PS# = 1.998

This might not be the strongest beer, but it is awesome in summer.  It has a cool crisp flavor and finish, and each one makes you crave another.  I could go on all day on this one, its my favorite for most of the year.

2 - 21st Amendment Monk's Blood (CA)
Cost is $11.99 per 4 pack (x 1.33), ABV = 8.3%.  PS# = 1.921

Get outta the way!  This one is one is meant for the late evening as time is winding down on a hard day.  A strong Belgian ale with plenty of spice and smoothness to go with it.  Its delicious, but this is only for those with a good sense of strong beer and the palate to match.

3 - Ways and Means by Port City (VA)
Cost is $10.99 per 6 pack, ABV = 4.5%.  PS# = 2.442
Somewhat hoppy, but mostly refreshing is how this beer should be described.  It is not the strongest, but is full of flavor and not the kind that fills you up after a one bottle.

4 -  Samuel Adams Summer Ale (MA)
Cost is $9.49 per 6 pack, ABV = 5.3%.  PS# = 1.791

Sweet with a little spice; this is a summertime staple.  I enjoy it, and it is partly on this list because its is one of my wife's favorites.  They are in my house or cooler and lot because of that, and due to that I have come to appreciate it.

5 - White Hatter by New Holland (MI)
Cost is $10.99 per 6 pack, ABV = 5.5%.  PS# = 1.998

Yikes summer beers are expensive, but they are tasty!  This is a nice refresher for someone who likes the IPA bitters plus the smooth sensation of lighter spiced style, all done in the way a Belgian would.  White Belgian IPAs really are excellent choices for a hot day under the sun.

$/% (The PS#) = $ cost per 6 pack (in local stores) / % Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
This is updated from my last post, and corrected.  A 4-Pack Multiplier of 1.33 (to make up for lost cans/bottles is now introduced).

This list could easily be longer.  I left out some of my other favorites like Starr Hill's Soul Shine, Leinenkugel's Shandy series, New Belgian's Fat Tire and Shift, and Blue Point's Blueberry Lager to name a few.  Summer might be the best or second best season for beer, after winter of course.  The variety is astounding, however the beers typically lack the strength of the winter types.  That being said, this will be followed up by a 'Wines of Summer' list later this summer - it will be heavily influenced by my wife's side of the family.  Though that is not to say I will not be partaking in tasting.

Have fun its nice out.  Sun's out, guns out!
- Gremlin


  1. Gremlin,

    Can't say I've heard of any one of these beers yet - now I wish I could try them.
    You guys have the weirdest names for beer brands over there, by the way. "Monk's Blood", who comes up with that kind of stuff? :)

    My favourite summer beers are Tripels (Gouden Carolus Tripel mostly) or Urthel Hop-It (which is an IPA). Very refreshing on a hot day.

    Enjoy the great weather,

    1. NMW,

      Haha, yes American brewers have been very creative in naming of late. Those sound good, a Tripel or IPA I find to be excellent for a hot day. Of the ones listed, Sam Adam's is by far that largest followed by New Belgian and Leinenkugel's brands - good luck on a staying cool this summer.


  2. Sounds like a lot of fun Gremlin. Love having a nice cold beer on a hot day or after work. I use to drink a lot! Now I allow myself 2 or 3 cases of beer a month... :) I love Heinekens! They're my favorite bud. It's delicious. Sometimes, I'll enjoy Coronas too. Damn bud... I'm gonna go out after this comment and pick myself up a case.
    Can't wait for you to share your new buys. Take care and Cheers to us!

  3. I cannot agree more Hustler. I am probably at the same or a similar rate as you in terms of cases. I love trying new stuff that is for sure.

    Definitely on the buys, making small ones on Loyal3 over the course of the month, debating my next bigger purchase next month or July.