Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Loyal3 Buys, November 2015

Travel Gremlin here again to talk about how I've been improving my portfolio.  I'm on the road again this week, this time in upstate New York.  Though I am writing this while trying out a new six pack of beers, I am not going to be writing a review of them because there are better things to talk about.  Getting to it, I've put a solid amount of capital to work this month buying more shares to push my passive income higher.  This time I added to 4 existing positions and started one new position.  Two of my positions were Consumer Discretionary and the rest were Consumer Staples. Lets see what I bought.

$ Invested
Shares Purchased
Annual Income Added
Dr. Pepper Snapple
The Gap, Inc.
VF Corp


A total of $600 was put to work, an increase of 0.3% from last month when I added $598.  It adds $16.39 of annual income to my 12-month forward outlook.  I like all of the companies, though I want to see a few better valuations.  Still DPS and VFC are not always available at good prices, but I like their long term outlook.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.

GPS is a new position for me, and they have garnered some nice attention at other DGI blogs, and I will let you look there for hard number valuations.  Looking at their numbers you will see a low P/E and a nice recent history, especially in the dividend raises column.  However, my perspective is a little different.  When we get a package with clothes in the mail, its likely from the Gap.  My wife claims their jeans are the only ones that fit her ass right, no joke.  I like their shirts, and 100% of my jeans are from Old Navy.  Sure their clothes are not made of indestructible burlap, but they at least don't need ironing (non-iron shirts are awesome), they don't break the bank, and they look alright.  I see this position being a small one, but even the small ones have their usefulness and niche.

Next month I plan to continue pursuing my goals with my Loyal3 account.  I will likely have a smaller selection next round, targeting very well priced stocks.  I also plan on adding a position in YUM at some point, but I am still eyeing it and waiting.

- Gremlin
- Long all stocks, except YUM.
- Portfolio values and shares will be updated at the end of the month.


  1. Of all those buys you mention I like the VFC add the most. It's such a fine company that offers so much more than just fashion. It's a f'ashion staple' in my book unlike trendy names ANF or AEO. It's come down quite a bit in recent weeks from its high so this was a nice add. I plan to keep my position for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DivHut,
      I like VFC a lot too, and their price has gotten sweeter of late. I would argue their name is not trendy, but some of their brands like The North Face is. They have so many brands its hard not to like what their stock has to offer.
      Thanks for the comment,