Friday, January 15, 2016

Loyal3 Buys January, 2016

New Year Gremlin here again to talk about how I've been improving my portfolio via Loyal3.  Over the past two years I have been using Loyal3 as a low cost way to start a bunch of positions in stocks I intend on keeping for a long time.  I am not always getting the best deal, but I usually am getting a decent one.  Using cost averaging and knowing I have a long time frame allows me to invest perhaps with more freedom than people who desire instant returns.  This month I put a solid amount of our "disposable income" into new income generating stocks, instead of doing something cool with it.  So, let's see how I did!

$ Invested
Shares Purchased
Annual Income Added
Dunkin Brands
VF Corp.


A total of $556 was put to work, a decrease of 4.95% from last month when I added $585.  It adds $14.04 of annual income to my 12-month forward outlook.  It is perfectly find that my total invested decreased, because I have been adding more money to my Roth account in anticipation of some nice large moves.  In terms of valuations, AAPL is probably the best value.  All of the others are a little richly valued, but I am confident that all of the positions will be long term generators.

This month has a seen a lot of drops in price.  Using paid dividends and fresh capital I added to positions that I thought were approaching a nice value.  AAPL in particular has been beaten down of late, so I added to that position though I had been done with adding to it for a long time.  DNKN and MCD are decently valued, but I see a lot long term potential on them - specifically if we are heading for a recession.  Those kind of stocks do surprising well in economic downturns as MCD has shown repeatedly.  DNKN is a newcomer to the dividend scene, but I hope high hopes for it for similar reasons (in addition to their nice balance sheet).  HSY and VFC are approaching reasonable valuations, which may not do as well in a recession.  Still, I see great value and balance sheets across the board and like dipping my toes in their waters.

There are about a few other stocks I like that Loyal3 offers.  I do plan on acquiring them if they fairly valued or better in the time I plan to use Loyal3 to build positions for my standard account.  I may add one new position here next month, pending prices.

- Gremlin
- Long all stocks


  1. Some great buys in several names that have been beaten down a bit. Like the VFC add the most from the list. They have come down quite a bit in recent weeks following a strong U.S. dollar and weaker demand from Asia and Europe for their products. It's such a solid long term dividend grower and one of my top performers of all my portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DivHut,

      As always thanks for the comment. I agree on VFC, and it has been getting more attractive by the day - I hope the trend continues. Long VFC and their North Face jackets - here comes winter!

      - Gremlin