Monday, January 4, 2016

December, 2015 Review / January, 2016 Preview

Winter Gremlin here to talk about December.  Oddly I am still on the road right now for work.  It is truly weird, but due to the nature of the project I am on I am back on the road.  This particular project is a technical nightmare, however the work is mandated to continue (regardless of the pace of progress).  I hope to have some changes in my life shortly.  There are variety of ways this may happen, and I am pursuing a better situation that gets me home faster during the majority of weekdays.  In the mean time, I am have been documenting my portfolio's dividend performance and increases.  So let's see how I did for last month.


I was able to put $585 to work in Loyal3 over the course of last month, so that was a good start. I also initiated a new position in Eaton Corp. (ETN) by purchasing 24 shares

Last month I brought in a total of $101.34 in dividends ($73.41 taxable , $27.93 Roth).  This is an increase from last year ($78.11 total) by 29.79%.  This is the first month I earned more that $100!  I am simply very excited by this news. 

In terms of dividend increases, I realized three this month; McDonald's (MCD), Microsoft (MSFT), and VF Corp. (VFC). Each was above 4%, with MCD being the lowest at 4.7%.  I find this growth to be the best kind, as it happens with no extra effort or investment on my part.

Next month I will realize 1 dividend increase: Realty Income (O).  The increase is 0.26%, but O often has quarterly increases of its monthly payout.  In addition, it has had years where it provided more than 4 increases (including last year).  O is probably one of my favorite stocks; these increases are totally predictable and the company is very stable.


Our only long term debts are our cars and my wife's student loans, and her loan won't last the year.  I have already gotten ahead on my monthly payments on my car and that will not stop as well.  Her student loan should be finished as early as May or as late as September.

Next month should produce around $71 in dividends, which is a 2% year-over-year increase.  On the Loyal3 front I will probably invest $500-550 on existing locations, with the goal being to push up next year's forward income.

My portfolio page is currently up to date.

Hope everyone has a happy new year!
- Dividend Gremlin
- Long all stocks mentioned


  1. Nice dividend income for the month of December. ETN is an interesting buy. I have seen the name pop up among a few other blogs and I know it looks quite attractive these days. Many of the industrial names have been hammered down and could be a good time to nibble a bit.

    1. DivHut,

      I appreciate the comment. ETN and EMR are a great tandem of industrial products. I've seen a number of their products in the past few months, and I like their quality - as do the people who use their stuff.

      - Gremlin

  2. Gremlin,

    Congrats on achieving $100 for the very first time - awesome feeling, right? The first of many more milestones to come, I'm sure.

    Keep it up and all the best for 2016,

    1. NMW,

      Man, it felt so satisfying. Thanks for the comment. Good luck to you in '16 as well.

      - Gremlin