Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting a Second Job

Worker-Bee Gremlin here. I've floated the idea of getting a second job in the past, both here and in various comments.  Nominally I kind of had one acting as a sports referee, but that really only paid me enough to cover my league fees so I could play for free.  Nothing wrong with that, but the gig ended for reasons outside of my control.  In my regular work life I no longer have to travel, allowing me to open up to the idea of finding a second job. So it was kind of great when a nice opportunity just happened to fall into my lap.  I got a second job working at a local brewery that started up in January.

It really was a lucky break too.  I had heard about the place from a friend so I stopped to check it out to try some of the products, you know for quality assurance purposes.  And lo and behold, another friend of mine was working there.  Naturally, one thing leads to another and soon enough I am getting an email to stop by talk to the owners and see if I am able to work there, and then bam I have a side job.  As of writing this I have put in one full day and am expecting many more over the next few months.  The working time is mainly on weekends* not more than 4 or 5 days in a month, and I am working for tips.

Could I be doing something else to make more money?  Yes, but I don't know if I would enjoy that.  I do not want my 9-5 job becoming my side job too.  I really enjoyed working at this side job, to the point where it honestly does not feel like work.  There is a lot of things I learned, a lot of cool people I met, and there are so many things to learn about the industry.  It is definitely a place that I want to be working.  After all, I would volunteer there, but it is definitely cooler to get a little compensation for your time.

Some of my friends did throw me a curve ball of a question, why would I do that with my free time?  Well first off, as I said I would do it for free - so already it is how I would spend that free-time.  Secondly, its a job that one day maybe I want to look into making it a full time situtation in some aspect (in terms of my association with the industry itself and the various positions therein).  Lastly, there is some compensation, which will be used for a few important things.

Any cash I generate will be subject to taxes and withholding.  That being said the remainder will be divided in three ways.  The two biggest chunks will be equally sized and sent to augment investments or pay off debt.  Any remainder will simply be pocket change that will get rounded into savings or checking accounts.  Cash will be put to extraordinary use buying securities, crushing my wife's student loans, and maybe even buy us a few meals on our summer vacation I have started planning for us in Europe**.  Yes, it will not be a ton of money, but every little bit counts when working towards Financial Independence.  Why not have some fun while doing it too?

* = The hours of operation are currently limited to weekends (Friday - Saturday anyways)
** = I already booked the flights, more on that as it was a points bonanza.

Have you found a second job or do you plan on keeping your free time free?
- Gremlin

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