Friday, February 26, 2016

February, Review / March, 2016 Preview

Smooth Gremlin here to talk about February. What a month.  There has been a transition [an awakening] at my current job, the result is guaranteed billable hours (for those in consulting or contracting you will understand the value in that), a shorter commute without my car, and more time moving around on my feet.  These are good things, and are augmented by my pursuit of a better full time position and my approach to gaining a side hustle.  Both of which are rapidly becoming possibilities.

On top of that I have had a great month investing in general. My investing strategy, which required a period of flux from my old haphazard ways is finally starting to turn a page.  DGI is definitely beginning to show some teeth.  Even with setbacks like KMI, I am seeing remarkable growth from investments and dividends.  So far 2016 continues to be on the right track.


I was able to put $460 to work in Loyal3 over the course of last month, so that was a good start.  In Loyal3 I also added three new positions: American Express (AXP), Kraft-Heinz (KHC), and YUM! Brands (YUM).  It will be unlikely that I will add a new position in Loyal3 unless a new stock I like is added or one of the overpriced ones takes a massive hit in price (cough Nike and Starbucks cough).  I also added one new taxable position in The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).  My BNS stake is not a full starter position, rather it was built using any cash I could scrap up to utilize a free buy that was set to expire (plus I got a good price on it).

Last month I brought in a total of $66.59 in dividends ($14.05 taxable , $52.54 Roth).  This is an increase from last year ($62.47 total) by 6.6%.  This is about what I had expected. 

In terms of dividend increases, I realized two this month from Realty Income (O) of approximately 5% and from AT&T of approximately 2%.  Those are my favorite kind of raises, the ones that my money earns for me.

Next month I will realize 3 dividend increases: Dunkin Brands (DNKN), Eaton Corp. (ETN), and Waste Management (WM).  These are around 13%, 3.6%, and 4.1%, respectively.  That is a great end to the quarter.  Of those positions only WM has been in my portfolio for longer than four months.  Those other two, DNKN and ETN, are newcomers.  Already my patience, research, and planning is paying me rewards.

Thus far for 2016, I have realized 3 dividend increases.  Yet, I already know I have 6 more coming down the line, and should have around 25 for the whole year.  The snowball is starting to grow itself.


Our only long term debts are our cars and my wife's student loans, and her loan won't last the year.  I continued this month to throw some extra money at her student loans.  If we paid her student loans at the minimum rate it would take around 2.2 years to finish otherwise.  I have already gotten ahead on my monthly payments on my car and that will not stop as well.  Her student loan should be finished around September, if everything else remains constant.

Next month should produce around $109 in dividends, which is a 49% YOY increase and the largest I have ever earned.  On the Loyal3 front I will probably invest $500 on existing positions.  I am trying to pump up our safety net savings a little bit on the side as well, which is the reason for the slight edging down of Loyal3 investing.

My portfolio page is currently up to date.

Hope everyone has a great March!
- Dividend Gremlin
- Long all stocks tickers mentioned, not long Nike or Starbucks


  1. Being able to add more money in your portfolio is always a good thing, regardless what the dollar amount is. :)

    1. Tawcan,

      I fully agree! Thanks for the comment.

      - Gremlin

  2. Congrats on the new purchases. Some really solid companies. AXP looks particularly attractive at these prices.

    1. MG UK,

      Thanks for the comment. I really like AXP at this level, and I will be adding more if it stays in the neighborhood. They have some issues right now, but its not like that hasn't happened before with them. They are a resilient lot.