Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Review / September Preview, 2018

Back to school Gremlin here to talk about this month and the next.  The end of this month coincides with the tortured 1 income timeline ending.  My wife is just now finding out that working and being a parent at the same time is just as exhausting (or more so) as being at home full time is with the baby - something she clearly never wanted to hear from me.  However, all the work and tired eyes are not in vain.  Her income will allow us to take on financial independence in a way we have not been able to for a long time.  Though honestly, she doesn't care about this stuff as much as I do...  So how did we do last month?

This month I made one new purchase adding a new, acquiring shares of Eastman Chemical Co. (EMN) in my taxable portfolio.

Last month I brought in a total of $281.30 in dividends ($69.00 taxable, $64.30 Roth, and $148.00 IRA).  This is an increase from last year (239.61 total) by 17.4%.

In terms of dividend increases, I realized* three raises from Bank of Montreal (BMO), Starbucks (SBUX), and John Deere (DE).  The increases are from 3% to about 20%.  I have now realized 37 raises thus far this year.

Next month I will realize six raises from Hershey's (HSY), Kellogg's (K), Target (TGT), Discover (DFS), J.M. Smuckers (SJM), and Westlake Chemical (WLK).  The increases are from about 4% to about 19%.

* I only count increases when realized, because until that money is delivered any statements or declarations are simply conjecture.


The mortgage continues, so at least part of our 'rent' counts towards our house. Our debts currently outstrip our assets (I choose not to count the house as an asset).  Outside of our house, we still have very low interest auto debt (1.9 and 1.5% for our cars).  Both my car and house are receiving slightly out-sized payments monthly.  We are effectively eliminating debt, while still building and assets.  Even on just one income (for now) With a second income, investments and debt will be crushed!

August was family beach time, and I am now slightly tanner because of it (that tan should last 10 more minutes).  Back to school means everything picks up in the near term as the new routine starts.  Soon my accounts will begin to transition from Capital One to E-Trade, which won't change anything for investments.  My next purchase should be in September, potentially two of them.  I am looking to make a buy every month from here on out for 2018.

Next month should produce around $400 in dividends, which is a 25% YOY increase. It will be close, but if I break $400 it will be the first time ever.

My portfolio page is currently up to date.

Hope everyone has a great September.
- Dividend Gremlin
- Long all stock tickers mentioned


  1. an increase from last year is an increase. Some nice raises keep it up.

  2. Gremlin,

    Excellent month Gremlin, just excellent. I love the growth rate and the dividend increases you received. It is exciting that you will receive the impact of 6 dividend increases next month as well.


  3. That's a great haul and $400 is something to look forward to! Keep it up Gremlin!