Monday, December 23, 2019

December 2019 Buys

Holiday Time Gremlin here to give you my December buy updates. The holidays are always a busy time of the year, and having young children only magnifies that more for a variety of reasons. Still, I have been able to find time and resources to add some shares towards financial independence. No matter what is going on, it is important to always be able to find five minutes to add shares towards freedom. (Thank you, internet.)

That being said I did rush on filling out one of my positions, MSM, because of a $5 special dividend that I will realize in February.  Considering that, other increases, and the general well-being of those around me - 2020 is looking up from here.

No purchase or account fees were paid this month. I added shares of the following companies by account (* indicates a new position, which will be discussed below):

B** - Fractional share, DRIP purchase of my employer stock.
BNS - 1 share @ $55.44 / share, $2.34 income added
MSM - 10 shares @ $74.37 / share ($743.68 total), $30 income added
Total Invested = $799.12 (not including employee stock)
Annual Income Added (AIA) = $32.34

AROW - 3 shares @ $35.69 / share ($107.08 total), $3.12 income added
Total Invested = $107.08
AIA = $3.12

Standard IRA:
FLIC - 6 shares @ $24.56 / share ($147.35 total), $4.32 income added
Total Invested = $147.35
AIA = $4.32

Invested = $938.06
AIA = $35.04

*New Positions:
No new positions this month.

I will update my portfolio page at the end of the month.

What do you think of these companies?

Have happy holidays, if you are celebrating any. If you're not, make one up and celebrate it anyway.
- Gremlin
- Long all tickers mentioned

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