Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Loyal3 Buys, February 2016

More Snow Please Gremlin here to chat about my Loyal3 movements. I continue to be very proactive in establishing and increasing existing positions by using the fee-free service.  Already this month there have been some wild swings in the market, allowing for some nice purchases for growth.  In addition, I've gained several dividend increases both in Loyal3 and outside of it, allowing me to continue pushing for FI.  This month was extra special because I have added 3 new positions to Loyal3, of which 2 are new to me in general and one is a copy from my Roth account.

$ Invested
Shares Purchased
Annual Income Added
American Express
Dunkin Brands
Kraft Heinz
VF Corp.
YUM! Corp.


A total of $460 was put to work, a decrease of 17% from last month when I added $556.  It adds $12.23 of annual income to my 12-month forward outlook.  I have intentionally decreased the amount invested, as extra capital heads toward eliminating some debt.  In terms of valuations, AXP is probably the best value.  Of the others all except KHC are a little richly valued, but I am confident that all of the positions will be long term generators.

My two new positions are AXP and YUM.  I like both businesses, though the valuation for YUM is not great, but it is much better than it was months ago.  Both add to my positions of Discover Financial Services (DFS) and McDonald's (MCD) in their sector spaces, respectfully.  Credit cards, despite the hurdles some have faced recently, have a long way to go in the world and markets are begging to be tapped.  YUM on the other hand has done well internationally, and I feel they are a stable, if younger, complement to my MCD position.  KHC is an existing stock position for me in my Roth account.  Consumer Staples are pretty neat in general, and they are always in need.  At this point, there are likely going to be no new positions added to my Loyal3 account.

From here on out the plan is to add to my existing locations, which can be found on the Portfolio page.

What do you think about my Loyal3 action?

- Gremlin
- Long all stocks


  1. Way to go Gremlin...Love that you are choose to only buy dividend paying stocks! We really like the new addition of YUM Brands! Not a lot of people know, but YUM is killing it in overseas. We may not see KFC as a big deal, but there are people overseas who go to KFC for their birthday meal. Also like the Dunkin Brands purchase. Current stock price offers a nice value.

    Best wishes and continued success on your personal journey! AFFJ

    1. AFFJ,

      Thanks for the comment. I only buy div payers, I used to just invest randomly, but that is not my game. I totally agree YUM is killing it overseas, and I think DNKN has a ton of room to grow domestically and internationally. Thanks and keep enjoying your journey too!

      - Gremlin

  2. Great L3 action with my favz KHC, VFC and YUM. Of course, I may be more partial to those names as I own them myself but VFC has been looking quite attractive in recent days. Seems like under $60 a lot of people start to look at that name. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DH,

      I agree, those names are great. VFC is finally becoming very attractive and I am excited to add more to that position. I know they had a rough year so they are getting bid down, which is great for us long time holders. Thanks for the comment.

      - Gremlin